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We make it peasy to go vegan

Together with our local farmers, we grow the best beans in the world. Nothing jarring about that. We use them to make 'PEASY to use' products: Free of nonsense, full of nutrients, and of course 100% plant based.

Making our planet a more plant-based place is Peasy. Do it bite by bite. Just by sinking your teeth into our Falafel Balls. They are made from the earth, for the earth. Peasy does it!

Sink your teeth into our Tempeh. It’s full of protein and free of nonsense. We even left out the soy. Peasy does it

Take a bite of our Chili Burgers. Fresh vegetables and herbs give them an amazing flavour. Quinoa puffs give them that perfect bite. Peasy does it!

Sink your teeth into our Falafel Burgers. It’ll show you it’s not that impossible to make a burger that is healthier and tastier than meat. Peasy does it!

Take a bite of our Chili Nuggets. They are high in fiber and a source of protein. And therefor a perfect way to replace your meat snack. Peasy does it

Peasy pops up everywhere